A good nourishing lotion keeps your hair protected from dryness and breakage. We understand that your hair is your pride so we designed FITCARE  HAIR NOURISHING LOTION  with the best ingredients to prevent hair fall and nourish your hair giving you beautiful and healthy hair. Try our  FITCARE  HAIR NOURISHING LOTION  and experience the restoring your hair.


Designed to strengthen hair

Protect against environmental stressors

Suitable both Men & Women

Stimulation and activation of dormant hair follicles

An increase in volume and thickness
Improvement in scalp and hair hydration

Prevention of hair loss

Our unique and powerful formula stimulates hair growth and improves hair thickness and density. Whether your hair is natural, chemically treated or straight, FITCARE  HAIR NOURISHING LOTION is the moisturizing maintenance product your hair deserves.

FITCARE  HAIR NOURISHING LOTION  contains a rich ingredients known to deep condition the hair and stimulate natural hair growth. This makes a lotion a very targeted and effective treatment. A hair growth stimulating lotion is a targeted treatment against hair loss, directly on the scalp.


  • Divide the hair with a comb
  • Determine the right dosage
  • Apply the lotion
  • Rub the lotion in and let it absorb.
  • Don’t need to wash

 Hair can get drier and more fragile over time. Nourish and strengthen with our FITCARE  HAIR NOURISHING LOTION  and get the result quickly.


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